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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Chatty Cathy, today, am I.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Chatty Cathy, today, am I.

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mucha mosaic
So for all you out there who wonder about the world I live in, I present you with a page from www.johnnymetropolis.com that fits neatly.


Why does it fit neatly? Well.
Because every photo was taken within 4 blocks of my apartment. Hi.

(thanks to redshrike for introducing me to Johnny (on the site and in person).)
  • I am utterly jealous.

    Can I come live with you?

  • psst. actually, he cheated.

    those are two different parks.

    i love that he managed to work it so well, though...

    "what sort of landmarks should i go take pictures of today? something really san francisco."

    "well, there's the park right by my place. it's got a classic postcard view."


    "i got some great park pictures...but..."


    "i think i got the wrong park."


    "that's okay, i'll figure something out."

    hope he doesn't get annoyed i told...well, he can always ask me to un-say it if so...
    • That lousy cheating rat-bastard. Well, the pictures are still of the neighborhood I live in, given the landmarks.
      And it is funny that it took me a while to notice it (I was looking at one of them and going 'uhm... why the hell is St. Dominic's in FRONT of the Fillmore Center from Alamo Square?').
      • Re:

        heh. he did interleave them nicely, though, don't you think? i think that anyone not very familiar with the neighborhood wouldn't catch it at all. the two parks tehmselves are very similar, as i've often thought to myself when visiting the one that's a little farther from home.

  • I was wondering about that... I didn't think the view from Alamo Square quite included some of that stuff.

    And, Colubra, Alamo Square may be only four blocks from your place... but it's only one block from my new place!
    • (which is only two floors down from where my third ex who lived in the city lived)
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