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Bubba HoTep- Penultimate Post

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Bubba HoTep- Penultimate Post

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Thanks to everyone who chimed in with when is best for them. Looking it over (and a bit of conversation with folks who thought it couldn't work for them), it seems like Thursday the 16th works for everybody. I'd like to shoot for the 7:something o'clock show (I think it's like 7:20 or 7:40 or so), since it's a school night (so to speak).
Motions to block, or vetoes, should be voiced now: this is not set in stone.

If you would want to join us, that's also cool; it'd be good to know about that in advance, so I can know how many tickets i'm getting.

Assuming everybody's cool with it, then:
1: 1muse: please ask your coworker who also works box for the Castro when these go onsale.
2: Everybody else: please let me know how many tickets I need to get for you.
I'll own the job of going and getting tickets, and I can get paid back at the door.

Woo woo, movie funness. :)
  • (no subject) -
    • Most certainly: I'd actually planned to do just that, if you didn't want to go.
  • I'm pretty sure you mean 1muse there. Just in case...
  • Yup, I'm in.
  • oh, i work until 10:15 on thursdays. but that's ok if it works for everyone else. i see that co-worker on wed. i'll ask him about tickets then. if y'all have time before or after the show, stop in castro video. i'd love to say hi.
    • Crap!

      I thought Thu worked for you. I'm sorry.
    • If you want to go on Friday, I'll go with you...
      • oh, thanks. that's very sweet. how 'bout we play it by ear? if for whatever reason you don't wind up going w/the big group of fun people, i'd love your company, but don't sweat it. :-)
        • I can't commit to the group outing this far in advance, my body is not in the condition to let me do that.

          Let's keep in touch about this, okay?
  • What about non-platonic love?

    Sounds great! The Catboy & I are definitely up for this!
  • While I'm interested in joining you guys for the movie, please DON'T get a ticket for me. I don't know what my back is going to be like from day-to-day, so I don't want to purchase a ticket that might not get used. (If I miss out on the movie this time around, that's okay with me. I've seen it in the theater once and I'll be purchasing the dvd when it's finally released.)
  • i talked to my coworker last night; he said tickets are available day of show only.
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