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Bubba HoTep- Penultimate Post


Thanks to everyone who chimed in with when is best for them. Looking it over (and a bit of conversation with folks who thought it couldn't work for them), it seems like Thursday the 16th works for everybody. I'd like to shoot for the 7:something o'clock show (I think it's like 7:20 or 7:40 or so), since it's a school night (so to speak).
Motions to block, or vetoes, should be voiced now: this is not set in stone.

If you would want to join us, that's also cool; it'd be good to know about that in advance, so I can know how many tickets i'm getting.

Assuming everybody's cool with it, then:
1: 1muse: please ask your coworker who also works box for the Castro when these go onsale.
2: Everybody else: please let me know how many tickets I need to get for you.
I'll own the job of going and getting tickets, and I can get paid back at the door.

Woo woo, movie funness. :)

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