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Insensitive comedy on the eleventh of September.

If you don't want to read it, don't read what follows.

Here's some room to make your mind up in.

First off, I must recommend this entry in the lj of one nihilistic_kid.
This led me to an entry in the blog of one chrissmari- a beautifully poignant story of loss and betrayal, and the death of dreams that happened September 11, 2001...
...when They Might Be Giants released their generally lackluster album New Mink Car.
Then I read peverel's blog from today. Which is not really funny, but is certainly critical, and insightful.
Me, I just additionally wonder when it will come out that the White House knew this was coming all along, like FDR apparently knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor... and I'm noticing that apparently, expressing these thoughts actually takes some guts. Like I must be a traitor or something for saying 'this doesn't jibe'.
If you lost friends or family in the attack on the World Trade Center, I am truly sorry for your loss. If you lost someone in Afghanistan, or in Iraq, I am sorry that your friend or loved one is no longer with us.
These facts are unrelated to the farce that American politics is becoming, and that farce is no more visible than when it puts on martyrish jingoism and bawls about how sad it is that so many people died-- then asks us for $87 billion to fight the war on, uh, what we're fighting while the body toll from terrorist attacks in Iraq climbs steadily towards the number already accomplished, two years ago on this date. To me, that seems more like pissing on the graves of people who died two years ago than anything I could say or do.
I'm sorry for those who will lose their lives in the name of what September 11th has come to mean- an excuse for vengeance upon people who, frankly, aren't appropriate targets and will only beget further eye-for-an-eye, Old Testament or Talmudic, vicious vindictive 'justice'.
An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

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