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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Well THAT was weird.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Well THAT was weird.

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mucha mosaic
Just happened to be out back at the right moment to hear (and see) a flock of parrots fly over the apartment building.

San Francisco has wild parrots, you see. If you click on the photo at the top of the page, you can hear exactly what I heard REALLY LOUDLY, and looked up to try to identify the source of before seeing them flapflapflap away over the building.

God, that was strange!
  • t.rev

    Even weirder, there are wild parrots in Hyde Park in Chicago.
  • I'm surprised they weren't Quaker parrots (unless that's a morph type I don't recognize). I wasn't allowed to take my Quaker parrot out to California with me, partly because birds weren't allowed in the dorms, and also because Quakers have flown wild as agricultural pests there, as well as in several other states.
    • San Francisco's parrots are all escapees over the years, so...

      Quaker Parrots. I love it. :)
      • Ironically, my parrot once bit a friend of the family who is a Quaker. She chastized him for not following their code of non-violence. He cackled at her in response.

        They are actually so named because they have these cute little head-and-wing-bobbing seizures when they're hungry or bathing or excited in general. Combine that with the fact that they love to babble as if speaking in tongues, and it does almost have a religious significance, though judging from my bird's behavior, it's demonic possession.
        • Oh that's lovely. 'Non-violence! Non-violence! Are you an animal or are... wait.'
  • So jealous. Many many years I lived in San Francisco, I was always on the lookout for the parrots. Never saw them, myself.

    So jealous :)
    • They are astonishingly noisy birds.

      No, I mean FUCKTASTICALLY astonishingly noisy birds.

      No, I mean noisy like a pack of goth chicks on speed at a Sisters of Mercy show.

      Like, REALLY noisy.
  • They have them down LA way too. I remember the first time I saw some, I couldn't believe it. I hadn't even HEARD of wild parrots in California before. :)

  • I remember the parrots!

    LOL - when I was a kid we lived in San Mateo, and the parrots would hang out in the redwood tree we had in the backyard. They'd be in there talking up a storm, eatting avocados from the neighbor's tree, having a ball. My parakeet would go nuts talking to them. Then after a full dinner of avocados, they'd fly down our driveway crapping on my parents cars with turds that looked like they came from pterydactlys.
    • Re: I remember the parrots!

      That'd be the flock that wings 'round Burlingame- I grew up in the hills near Hillsdale, and we never saw them.

      What a beautifully evocative tale, though!
  • Noisy? LOOXURY!

    You haven't lived till you've had a flock of cockies (aka Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos) fly over. These birds are big (Macaw-sized but with a shorter tail), and you want noisy? Try a scream that would put a slasher-flick cheerleader to shame. Add that to the fluoro-yellow mohawk and the way flocks have been known to strip trees bare and peel wood off the sides of houses I shit you not, and you've got the Hell's Angels of the bird world.
    • Re: Noisy? LOOXURY!

      native birds to the area don't talk at all when they're flying, generally. So a score and a half of parrots going over, with 10 at any moment going 'where are you?' and one loudvoiced bird answering 'I'm over here'...
      ...quite startling.
      • Re: Noisy? LOOXURY!

        Oh, and yeah- they are mostly the descendants of escapees rather than fresh-off-the-cage escapees.
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