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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

surprisngly busy day

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

surprisngly busy day

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mucha mosaic
So I figured 'I'll just wander past Amoeba Records', do a bit of shopping.
But oh no.

So I wound up walking:
from my place to Haight, where I caught the 71 rather than facing the Evil Hill Of Much Evilness.
Then from Amoeba on Haight to Divis and Haight. Waited for about 30 minutes for the bus, and gave up. Cab to Japantown.
Down Japantown's whole length- then back up- then back down- then back up 2/3rds of the way.
down Japantown to Fillmore- caught the 38 @ Fillmore.
Up Divis to home. This with a TON of crap in my bag.

Quite a haul, all told.
  • Funny, I was at Amoeba just this weekend. Not a place to go if you value your paycheck.
  • I noramlly carry about... 20-40 pounds of random crap in my pack. I remember at the mall once, I turned around and this little kid was like, "Lady, oyu forgot your book ba-UMPH!" and the little bunny couldn't move it at all...
    • Lessee:
      one paperback novel
      2 CD carrying cases (20 discs each)
      approximately 20 new CDs
      3 coffeetablesized artbooks picked up for the housemate
      ...yeah, that was the whole of it.
      • KK... mine is usually fuller, but lately I've just been carting around (roots through bag)
        hard binder filled with paper, most of which containing doll ideas and She-Ra art
        about 50 ledger sheets of paper, my doll book information that I've collected for three years
        CD player with earphones
        CD brain ment to hold 32? 36? CDs, holding twice that much (I only end up listening to 6 CDs, though...)
        random Sandman Graphic novel OR doll book OR How to Draw Book (right now, Sandman V, A Game of You)
        paperback ~ American Gods (Neil Gaiman... go fig...)
        cell phone
        handfull of paint pens, mehcanicle pencils and inking pens
        bus schedules
        two pack of Tarot cards, two Tarot paperback books
        Crayola pencils, 24 colors
        handfull of hair bands
        6' long (feet) golden bracelette, my Venus Chain *OK, OK, I admit it! I have a Sailor Venus fetish!* *blushes* *feels like a pediphile*
        scissors, 2 pair; one for fabric, one for paper
        wire cutters, needle nose pliars, curved nose pliars
        cell phone charger (wondered where that went)
        writting tablet, college rule
        hey, a penny!
        cell phone hands free earphone-mic combo
        braclettes I forget to put up
        house keys
        two small plush foxed, Red and Tycho
        and a hair brush.

        *empties most of it all, sorts it, and packs only a few things* Wondered why my back was sore...
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