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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Music overwhelmedness post.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Music overwhelmedness post.

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mucha mosaic
I don't know why I love this song so damn much, but every time I listen to it I want to listen to it about 5 more times immediately after. Currently, I'm on re-run #4.
This song just... fills me up.
It's off his most recent album, which I'm relistening- as is my wont, I listen to the most recent bowie album about a fortnight before getting the next one.
I don't care for 'Heathen' terribly much overall- The album just doesn't have as much stretch to it as (for instance) 1991's 1. Outside.
But this song is probably the most perfect piece of Bowie-penned music in 10 years. It starts very slow, very stately and solemn, and builds 'till finally it has drums ('finally' as in 'after the singing's done'). The feel of it owes a lot to Sylvian- it has that lazy slow chirruppy thing going on. I might say that it's Bowie imitating Sylvian imitating Bowie.
This song.

Oh my god. This song.

Nothing remains
We could run when the rain slows
Look for the cars or signs of life
Where the heat goes

Look for the drifters
We should crawl under the bracken
Look for the shafts of light
On the road where the heat goes

Everything has changed

For in truth, it's the beginning of nothing
And nothing has changed
Everything has changed

For in truth, it's the beginning of an end
And nothing has changed
Everything has changed

1st voice (lead) 2nd & 3rd voice (Chanting)
In your fear In your fear
Of what we have become Seek only peace
Take to the fire In your fear
Now we must burn Seek only love
All that we are In your fear
Rise together Seek only peace
Through these clouds In your fear
In your fear

As on wings

This is the trip
And this is the business we take
This is our number
All my trials
Lord, will be remembered
  • The hell is that in your icon?
    • (no subject) -
      • Beaten to the punch by the Honorary Canadian!
        But yes, that's where the image comes from. I tend to use it for posts that I would describe as smugly contented (because the statue looks very smug, doesn't it?), as opposed to the one attached to this post, which is feeling comfy-and-at-home, or the first one attached to technicolourrat's below, which is for 'uh... okaaaaay' posts (or for SWOFA people)-- or the denarii in the bottom one on that string, which is for more than two cent's worth of blathering.

        --which is probably the right one for this post, on reflection. Ah well.
  • Your new layout confuses my small rodent brain.

    I dunno, I'm missing something in this song I guess. Both me and the SO are Bowie fans and listened to it with cringing expressions.

    Each to their own, of course.
    • Huh. What did you dislike about it? I like the sort of... Sylvian-esque/Low-ish feel of it. The spare minimalist feel, that's what appealed to me.
      Mind you, I'm not saying that you SHOULD like it- I'm just trying to get a handle on what it is that you didn't like. ;)
      • I don't like Sylvian either. I guess... it sounds quite forced to me, I suppose, this low deep crooning thing, and I don't like how it makes his voice sound. It's not just that I don't like that sort of music (although it's not a favourite) cuz some of it I don't mind. Something in it just doesn't click with me.

        'Canine devotion, an eye for an eye' -- what's that from, by the way?
    • Queens of the Stone Age's tune 'The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret'.
      • Yeah, that's what I thought. I just got thrown off by the fact you got it wrong. ;)

        'Canine devotion, time can't erase'. Unless you changed it on purpose. Which is possible, because that seems an odd one to mishear.
        • Whups!

          I did, in fact, mishear it thus.
          • Re: Whups!

            A few years back I had this friend, Chris. He had a dub of a dub of a dub of the Metallica Black album on casette tape. Needless to say, it wasn't top notch quality.

            Anyway, it turns out he misheard the lyrics to Sad But True quite considerably. Chris discovered this after being corrected by a friend, who walked in to the guy's room in time to hear him enthusiastically bellowing out, "Supertroll!"
            • Re: Whups!

              That tops my best misheard lyric ever-- which I honestly can't remember offhand, now. Damn, that's great!

              And I changed lyrics now, because I was mocked.
              • Re: Whups!

                It was a pretty classic mistake.

                Hmm. At this point, I'm curious to see how far to the left I can shunt this comments column.
    • Oh, and addendum: now I know that what you didn't like about the song is the style that I like about it.
      This song, 'Slip Away', 'Heathen' and 'I Would Be Your Slave' are- I suspect- why he kicked off the Heathen tour with an evening where he did the whole album front to back, and followed it immediately with Low, front to back.
      I would cheerfully have horribly wounded several people to listen to 'Breaking Glass' live with the current band.

      Okay, enough meandering.
  • I love this one, too (I'm wondering how it would sound live played after a de-discoed version of "Word on a Wing"), but it's "5:15 The Angels Have Gone" that really stops me in my tracks.

    I also feel that Bowie should just have put out an EP with my picks for the album, which are Heathen, Sunday, 5:15, and Slow Burn. But as usual, he's not listening to me. :)
    • he's bad about that.

      I feel like 'Hours' and 'Heathen' could've both profited from having two different albums assembled out of their bodies, a la Frankenstein.
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