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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

I grow old, I grow old

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

I grow old, I grow old

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mucha mosaic
I may wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled, depending what I think of these shoes.

Yes, they come in 'Black, Cranberry, and Espresso'. I do indeed find this lamentable.
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    • I don't wear my hair long enough to part. I could dare, I think, to eat a peach.
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        • okay, but

          Ceci n'est pas un poste d'Eliot.
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            • it wasn't about liking the shoes, either. ;)

              does the fact that the very below-the-ankles iconography of being in your teens somewhere between 1982 and 1989 now comes in Cranberry leather not bother you? Squicks the hell out of me, man.
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                • Re: it wasn't about liking the shoes, either. ;)

                  If they just called them 'brown' and 'red', it'd be more 'Proper', wouldn't it...?

                  But this is like- it's like EDDIE BAUER land.

                  Nevermind that I bought a pair of the brown and a pair of the black ones.
  • Is it the gay colors that are lamentable, or the fact that they spell it 'Expresso'?
    • They're not GAY colors. They're colors you'd find in a FUCKING EDDIE FUCKING BAUER catalogue. They're 30SOMETHINGTARGETED colors.

      It is to weep.
  • Cranberry and Espresso. Very lamentable. For converse. Sheesh.

  • The black is acceptable, even charmingy nifty.

    Expresso scares me, because chocolatey espresso brown is THE color for fall this year for people who give a rat's ass about such things.

    And cranberry is rather evil-clownishly disurbing. If they'd donet hem in the traditional Converse burgundy, now....
  • I like the distressed brown, actually. Yegods. The old feeling is a shared one, now. I like pre-distressed shoes. It sorta doubles the irony, if I really think about it.
  • It's because they're not Converse anymore. They're now Nike. Nike owns Converse, and has for the last few months -- several months ago, Nike bought Converse, but kept the Converse name (so all the kids would still think they were still being all alternative when they bought their s00pah-trendy Chucks!!!111one!).

    So...now they're Nikes, and they come in leather, and they're Black, Cranberry, and 'Expresso.'

    And my inner punk rock teenager is smashing inner windows and spraypainting inner walls in annoyance.

    • They've been owned by someone else longer than the last few months: it's been YEARS since a Converse shoe was made in the US.
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