I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Literary criticism

Obviously, I've been reading too much lately.

On the concept of a Wheel of Time online RPG (or MUSH):
The apathetic inertia of MUSHing seems to be awfully strong stuff, in my experience. Combining this with the inertia of a series where the only action of any interest in 500 pages is only learned through second-hand accounts of it, I fear that a Wheel of Time MUSH threatens to singlehandedly bring about the heat-death of the universe through the sheer entropic decay caused by such a Dagwood Sandwich of Tedium.

On why the Dresden Files books rock and Anita Blake doesn't, for someone who's only read the latter:
Why? Because:

((Anita Blake + Dirk Gently - Danielle Steele) / intelligent examinations of the myths that White Wolf fucked up) * James Ellroy = Dresden Files

It's really a simple equation.
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