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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Literary criticism

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Literary criticism

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mucha mosaic
Obviously, I've been reading too much lately.

On the concept of a Wheel of Time online RPG (or MUSH):
The apathetic inertia of MUSHing seems to be awfully strong stuff, in my experience. Combining this with the inertia of a series where the only action of any interest in 500 pages is only learned through second-hand accounts of it, I fear that a Wheel of Time MUSH threatens to singlehandedly bring about the heat-death of the universe through the sheer entropic decay caused by such a Dagwood Sandwich of Tedium.

On why the Dresden Files books rock and Anita Blake doesn't, for someone who's only read the latter:
Why? Because:

((Anita Blake + Dirk Gently - Danielle Steele) / intelligent examinations of the myths that White Wolf fucked up) * James Ellroy = Dresden Files

It's really a simple equation.
  • Rock on, fellow Dresdenner!
  • I am a big believer in the Dresden Files. Much fun.

    And Anita was fun...er, five-six years ago. Really.
    • I love the Dresden Files.

      And that blonde police woman is just a peach. :D
      • I've had it alleged to me that there is a character in the 5th one that I'll especially like.
  • Anita Blake: Anne McCaffery for goths?
    • The hormones found in the veins of vampire-obsessive MarySues are the same hormones created in instances of--
      no, I just can't do it.
  • But haven't there been WoT MU*s for years? I think I remember actually visiting one in '93...

    God I'm old...

    • I believe you are correct.

      And don't say you're old. Because I'm older than you.

      On the Anita Blake tip...her books are now a one-handed reading experience, if you get my drift. It's a pity, because it started out fun. Maybe Tanya Huff was wise to end her version of "Supernatural Love Triangle" when she did.
      • insert jerky little melodyline here:

        every time I think of you
        I feel a shock right through
        A bolt of blue

        It's no problem of mine
        but it's a problem I find
        living unlife that I can't leave behind
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