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Another Interview

Yeah- considering how much I've ranted about this, I've now willingly answered questions twice. Hmn.

1. What do you think about your job? Enjoy it? Wonder "why me, God"?
Depends on the day. some days I enjoy it a GREAT deal, some other days I think I'd like it if I got to leave it at work more. The biggest problem I have workwise is the fact that I just don't seem to be allowed to Go Home Ever. Which is really burning me out.

2. What do you do on days you relax?
Depends on the day, and how worn-out I am. Some days I'll wander off to a cafe I especially like for the peoplewatching and peoplewatch; sometimes I'll go to the used recordstore and shop for CDs (there are still about 7 left that I have to replace of the 87 that got stolen about 15 years ago); sometimes I go to weird bookstores and browse; sometimes I'll go hiking around with a friend who enjoys hiking around; sometimes I'll go to a bar whereat I can sit on their outdoor secondstory patio. There's a fair amount of watching of people in here, it seems.
Sometimes, very occasionally, I'll write.

3. What's your favorite myth, classic?
Wow, this is going to be hard to answer briefly.
European? Probably- PROBABLY- Œdipus, Though Pandora is a close runner-up. Pandora makes me think more, while Œdipus is such a boldly-drawn tale of fatedness. Fate, in the classic sense, is a really fascinating concept to me.
American: probably the Mayan myth of the twins who went to the underworld (I'm forgetting their names).
Asian: Either the tale of the Bridge of Birds (so wonderfully spun off of in Barry Hughart's novel of the same name) or the Japanese myth of Subaru (the Pleiades).

4. What is the one cliche you wish you could strike from the world?
'I could care less'. Because what you're TRYING to say is 'I couldn't care less'. Clumsy clumsy clumsy language.

5. You wear glasses, yes? Have you ever thought about contacts/surgery?
Yes. My vision problems are almost completely astigmatism, which makes me a pretty prime candidate for radial keratotomy (the whole thing where they zap the inside of your eye with a laser). If I actually want to try to do this before going to Venice and Dublin next year, I should probably get on the ball here, huh. :/
If this is a procedure you're considering- it's advised to wait 'till you're at least 30, because by then your eyes have stopped maturing and the shape's pretty set.

I don't really intend to perpetuate this meme. Feel free to comment with questions you might ask me, though.

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