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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

The Friendslist Meme

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

The Friendslist Meme

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mucha mosaic
I stole this one from myself, because I invented it.
So here's how it's done:
list off everyone you've got friended, and some comment as to why you friended that person. Some will be obvious ('we share an apartment', 'we're married', crap like that), while there are bound to be others that might make an amusing story- or whatnot.
And people do wonder why.
So. Without further adieu,

How You Wound Up On colubra's Friendslist
1muse: Met one evening over drinks with cr0wgrrl's spouse; now, she is living with another old friend.
4thwall: Someone I've known via MUSHing longer than almost anyone I talk to, MUSHwise.
_harbinger_: RL friend from various circles (including via his spouse)
abfab: Friendsded this community because I wanted to know when the new season would air in the US
aceofkittens: the MUSHer I have known second-longest.
aerinys: many mutual RL friends, and RL friendship, for that matter.
agrimony: met on Too, but only really got to know on LogrusMUSH
ahkond: Met on Too, but got to know better via DinoMUSH
alemya: MUSHdom way long ago and far away (dreaming, if memory serves). Also have eaten benihana with alemya.
aquaindigo: Looked over friend's friendslist, found the journal intriguing
archivio: recommended by a friend
auntneppy: Too many damned amusing comments on the LJs of mutual friends
autumnfalling: I'm not sure why, honestly; probably a friendslisting back.
battlehampster: RL friend; met at the same time as wurmfood, at the instigation of dybbuk67
bayushi: MUSHing common interest
bettyscout: RL friend
bloaf: DinoMUSH person
bmb: community about favorite web comic strip
boingboing_net: entertaining links
borggrrl: Mutual friends (despite never having really spent time around each other, oddly)
boymeetboy: supposed feed of favorite web comic strip
bradx: Found via common interests search; makes for a good read
bryant: MUSHdom; not met in person
cadeyrn: MUSHdom
caffeina: DinoMUSH crew
callicrates: LogrusMUSH folk; most of these people I've met in person and just don't know who the heck they are in person.
camwyn: RPGMUSH person who I don't think I've ever actually RPed with: mutual friends
carneggy: DinoMUSH person
cassieclaire: I keep hoping for more Very Secret Diaries
celeloriel: RPG foo
chandrevyn: MUSH acquaintance. Humorous person, too.
cheshcat: mutual RL friend digitalsidhe (corrected per cheshcat)
chiabrit: Mutual RL friends and MUSHdom friends- also, an RL friend himself
chrismwage: DinoMUSH people
ciaan: RPG foo
cks: Yet Another DinoMUSH Person (thanks to elthar)
cmdrhobbes: DinoMUSH person
colubra: keeps my schedule straight of who's posted when in relationship to my own posts
comic_getfuzzy: recommended by shared_boxers
corvine: recommended by ka_crow
countgeiger: RL acquaintance (don't know him as well as I'd like), also, MUSHdom
cr0wgrrl: RL friend met via RPG stuff
cubes: DinoMUSH crew
cygnoir: Mutual friends (I know we're both LogrusMUSH folks, but I cannot remember WHO cygnoir is)
cygnus: no longer remember
cynicaljester: RPGMUSH foo
dangerine: Mutual friends- interesting posts, too
darthmike: RL friend
desl: RL friend
digitalsidhe: RL friend (same venue as cr0wgrrl)
dinoshadow: DinoMUSH People
dirque: DinoMUSH people
dirtymonkey: Update: friend of bayushi's, who found my writing interesting, and likewise, hence the friending-back.
djfanboy: RL friend
dybbuk67: RL friend
eac: Mutual friends RL, a lot of common interests, and good sense of humor
elthar: DinoMUSH people
enzeru: RPGMUSH foo
esmerel: LogrusMUSH peopleses
evilgrayson: RPG peripheral crap
evilhat: The one, the only, evilhat. There was no other possibility.
feyandstrange: RL Friend (Same context as digitalsidhe)
fin9901: DinoMUSH people
final_girl: met at reading by nihilistic_kid, two days before I dropped dead. VERY cool person.
flit: LogrusMUSH people
gblake: DinoMUSH people
gconnor: TooMUSH people
ghormenghast: Common interests search, if memory serves? Or perhaps I was returning the friendsing.
glamtasm: RL friend
gothcrumpet: Mutual RL friend
goweli: RL friend originally met via MUSHing
greenrider: Dunno who this is; someone RPGMUSH but not sure whom. Mutual friends abound, though.
grimjiminember: DinoMUSH crew
grue23: LogrusMUSH crew
heliotrope: Mutual friends
hepkitten: Mutual local online Non-MUSH people
howloathsome: a comic created by someone I watched Kurosawa movies with, and someone I've known 16 years.
hunkoftheday: frivolous entertainment
icecreamemperor: RPGMUSH people
ikkyu2: Common interests in delany; also, a much more conservative view of the world that doesn't seem insane
illusionaltzu: RPGMUSH folks
in_passing: amusement value
incongruence: followed over from king_in_yellow, since I like his poetry
indigoskynet: MUSHdom friend
intersubjective: RL friend
ixokai: Ridiculously cute boy in LA who I met via RPG MUSHes
jacqui: found via common interests search. Looked at her page and was floored by the old photos and the diarypage pictures; was immediately hooked.
jadiana: TooMUSH crowd
jgcr: Met in person at Samuel Delany booksigning
jubie: RPG foo
justthisgrrl: MUSH person of long standing; met her uhm... gawd, where first?? I think she came and stayed with housemate and I first.
ka_crow: This was just a return-the-favor friendsing: however, her posts are always interesting.
kent_s: DinoMUSH people
kerminator: longstanding friendship fostered upon a BBS over a decade ago (yup, dude, we're that old)
kynn: dinoMUSH people
le_merle: Logrus people
lemasquegris: RL friend
lilmissnever: RL friend who also MUSHes
lizhubbard: Returned-the-favor
lordjulius: DinoMUSH people
loveandprozak: sweetest boy in Michigan, also, the person most entitled to be possessive about me, where sweet boys are concerned
lunaticsx: LONG-standing friend (actually known him longer than anyone else on my friendslist)
lwood: was-coworker; also, MUSHes
lyricagent: housemate, best friend
m4dh4tt3r: RL friend
malefactor: another Boymeetsboy community (NO, not that stupid TV show)
mamamoira: DinoMUSH person, reserves. Another smart and likeable conservative, as well.
merlinofchaos: TooMUSH folks
motleypolitico: coworker, originally met via RPGs
moveunderground: feed from Blog about nihilistic_kid's forthcoming novel of same title
mu_rpers: you'd think I was a MUSHer or something
naudiz: longstanding MUSH friendship
netdancer: same
nihilistic_kid: DinoMUSH people
niiro: RPG folks
nishgyrl: Logrus folks, if memory serves
notnormalikeyou: common interests search
omni_ferret: Mutual RL friends
orendure: RL friend
pallid_mask: Terrific poetry
parisgreen: DinoMUSH people
pennyarcaderss: Another comics feed
perci: Another DinoMUSH person
peverel: Longterm RPGMUSH friend
pobig: More DinoMUSH people
prickvixen: Common interests search, combined with great glib wit
pridegoth: Curiousity more than anything
quietlife_full: Feed from DinoMUSH person's blog
rabbitron: Known rabbit for years
raincaption: entertainment- this was actually what made me want to get an LJ
randomgang: DinoMUSH people
rani23: Another long-term MUSH friend
redshrike: RL friend, known her for a decade. Here's hoping for a few more.
rightclicklick: eyecandy
rived: not sure- friendsed someone back
rollick: someone LogrusMUSH or that crowd of folks
rose_of_yoshiki: common interests, and J-Pop/J-Rock
rubylou: mutual LJ friendslist, and entertaining entries (along with common interests)
safran: I got the poor woman into this, I thought I ought. :)
sandradelete: Found via avenues related to her creative work
sanfrancisco: I live there.
sarakate: DinoMUSH people
scanner_darkly: RL friend
senatorhatty: LogrusMUSH people, but RL friend, as well
sfbayarea: I live there, too.
sfgoth: I live there and do that
shadowfey: RPG MUSHes
shared_boxers: Common interests search, and the username reminding me of a particular pair of silk boxers that an ex and I had joint custody of
sigilmoon: really not sure- I think it was friendsing this person back
sinick: RL friend
sixwingedangel: MUSH friend
smeehrrr: DinoMUSH person
snufflescutie: RPG folks
spookyfruit: More DinoMUSH people
srallen: Mutual friends (final_girl, nihilistic_kid)
strontium90: RL friend, who moved across the country
suhu: Not sure; I think it was friendsing-someone-back
surlydinos: DinoMUSH people (literally)
sweetprince: common interests, and interesting writing
sylphon: DinoMUSH people
tamethehunger: recommended by a friend
tavella: TooMUSH people
teardrop69: RPG people
technicolourrat: RPG person
tenzil: DinoMUSH person
theninjakitten: RPG MUSH person
thren: Longstanding friend, met via RPG MUSHes
tinkerbomb: A journal created by a very longstanding RPG MUSH crush object. ;)
toast3r: This guy I know.
tourm: DinoMUSH people
tyee: LogrusMUSH people
ugg_the_wandere: RL friend
unseelie: RL acquaintance who always seemed interesting (he is)
usmcbbrady: MUSH friend / RL friend
vampirequeen: Friend, spouse of another friend
vaspider: Another RPGMUSH person
vintagoth: Longstanding online and offline friend, dating back over 10 years
voider: Not sure- turned up on my friendslist, so I friendsded him back
wandaloonie: recc'ed by another friend
warpanda: another longstanding RL friend
welcomerain: this crazy bi-- er, DinoMUSH people
wheeker: NO idea. Friendsed back
wildpaletz: RL friend
willowisp: RPGMUSH people
wilwheaton: because typing wilwheaton.net is so tiring
wurmfood: upstairs neighbor
wyndwyck: common interests search
ysabel: LogrusMUSH people

OK, that's all of you. PLEASE feel free to correct misapprehensions above, or remind me who the heck you are. ;)
  • Neat idea!
  • I now feel that my journal reading list is boring, as it is probably 85% people I know in the real world and 15% newsfeeds/comics things. But I barely have time to read *those*, dangit.
  • peverel: Longterm RPGMUSH friend

    Y'know...after more than six years of close friendship both online and RL, to the point that you know from experience that I'd drop everything and be on a plane out there in a heartbeat if you guys needed me, I'd say we count as more than just RPG MUSH friends. Though...that is certainly where we met, yes.

    Funny how those things can turn out.

    I like this idea. I may have to do it myself. Cool plan.

  • Cool idea!

    How interesting, to define and juxtapose all the different communities and layers and see how they interconnect! I may have to do this, too. :D

    Btw, slight correction on mine. Our mutual RL friend is digitalsidhe. :)

    • Re: Cool idea!

      merci beaucoup for the correction. Duly altered above.
      Yeah- I was looking at my friendslist and going '...who the hell are some of these people that friended me?'
      And the english language is starting to need a verb for 'to add to the set named 'friends'', damnit. Friendsed is ugly (and it sounds like friendsded when people say it aloud); friended is weird, but it might be the best choice, I guess.
  • Moi

    rani23 pointed out you (and others) as a fellow Dark Gifter/DAMNED denizen back when I first bumped into her LJ. I've by now forgotten whether you were the one of whom I had heard, but not interacted with, or had interacted with but not to a significant level.
    • Re: Moi

      You might have heard about him from me. One of my alts used to hang out at his place a lot, but it wasn't the one which which you interacted most, and I don't remember if I ever saw you there.
  • celeloriel: RPG foo

    Yes, yes I am. :)

    cks is Chris from Dino.
  • (no subject) -
  • Aha! But you're wrong... we met first at Aldyth's last Aries birthday party, at the Vampire House, over a long and drunken (but witty) conversation over the punchbowl.
    • Which 'Vampire House'- the one whereat Jake/Mike/Laura live (lived, in 2 cases), or the one across the street from Redshrike's place? Either way: we met there, but what brought you there?
  • dirtymonkey: Not sure who this is anymore, to be honest. Oops. :)

    It's okay - I'm one of Bayushi's strange friends; you probably stole me off her friend's list, and that's okay - I stole you off of her list as well (or maybe nihilistic_kid's list) or something like that.

    I mean - I don't know who you are, really - I just was heavily amused and entertained by your writings....
  • No no, not "thanks to Ahkond," I was just *quoting* Ahkond (for the "CRUSTY WIZARD" bit, since I'm the Crusty Wizard and all).
  • Which doesn't seem insane again - the world, or the more conservative view of it?

    • The latter: I'm far too used to the conservative viewpoint getting the same gibbering nutbar behavior out of those spouting it that the libertarian gets.
  • We met on a MUSH called Damned, or The Damned, or something like that. We talked a little bit, but didn't talk much OOCly.

    About 8 months later we met in real life, and hung out...and I think a month later at a party on Nob Hill figured out we both also MUSHed, and figured out we had actually met each other online previously. A surreal night :)
    • More than a month- A couple months. You moved out here what, September-October? and it was New Year's Eve.

      God but that was such a trip.
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