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Did I call it or what.

Thirty-two days ago, I wrote:

"the person who supposedly wrote the report that the BBC then 'sexed up' to justify war (to quote CNN) is now apparently deceased. I bet that all wrongdoing will turn out to have been authored by him, now. Just watch."

LONDON, England -- Prime Minister Tony Blair's communications director, Alastair Campbell, has denied that he "sexed up" the September dossier the British government compiled on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

He also told a public inquiry, called to examine the circumstances leading up to the death of government weapons expert David Kelly, that he had in fact told the person writing the dossier to tone it down.
(link is to CNN article, and text of link quotes beginning of article)

I need to find an apartment in the Cassandra Complex, I fear. It might shorten my commute.
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