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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Question for you Midwesterners:

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Question for you Midwesterners:

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mucha mosaic
Did the California rolling blackouts get coverage of proportional scale, when they were going on (not as MUCH coverage=proportional scale: the blackouts out here were little dribs and spits here and there over a month, which added up to about the same span of time)? Since I was without power, I don't honestly know if they did.

There's no implication here- I'm just curious. It's a 'gauging scale' question, not a 'comparative misery' question.
  • It got national news coverage, as did this.

    This I think gets a little more frenetic of coverage because it was sudden and shocking, and there are better images to show.

    The image of thousands walking across a bridge home to New Jersey is a bit more dramatic than the image of a city where some of the neighborhoods are darkened.
    • True, the fact that there was no warning I think made it a much bigger deal. The "uknown" factor is always more dramatic.
  • We got to hear all about the rolling blackouts here in Mass :) So yes, in fact, it did get quite a bit of coverage. I remember being thankful for Mass Electric.. for which I am still thankful, as we lost no power during this whole adventure.

    It's too hot for lack of AC. Power outage is not allowed!

  • I know my parents in Kansas were aware of them (and NOT because I told them, we rarely talk).
  • we heard about the rolling blackouts here in chicago, fairly regularly, although i read the papers, not watch the teevee news, so it may be a function of that.

    what we did not get with the rolling blackouts in CA was the constant "STILL NOT TERRORISTS" reporting.
    • well, you see, we're immune to terrorists on the West Coast.

      HAH HAH HAH.
  • You don't need terrorist threats in California. You have gubernatorial candidates. :)
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