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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

The Alphabet Bands meme

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

The Alphabet Bands meme

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mucha mosaic
Name a band for every letter & your favorite song by them

#: 10,000 Maniacs -- Jezebel
a: Aztec Camera -- Mattress of Wire
b: David Bowie -- Nature Boy (A favorite song- and a favorite artist. Had to fix this.)
c: Chris Connelly -- My East Is Your West
d: Dead Can Dance -- Severance
e: Eurythmics -- I Remember You
f: Bryan Ferry -- Bete Noire
g: Peter Gabriel -- San Jacinto (can't argue this one, ghormenghast: perhaps the best song ever)
h: Robyn Hitchcock -- The Can-Opener
i: Chris Isaak -- Spanish Song
j: Joy Division -- Transmission
k: Yoko Kanno -- Space Lion
l: Love & Rockets -- Haunted
m: Peter Murphy -- Dragnet Drag
n: Negativland -- These Guys Are From England (And Who Gives A Shit) - Radio cut
o: Oingo Boingo -- Never Change
p: Pretenders -- In The Middle Of The Road
q: Queens of the Stone Age -- Monster In Your Parasol
r: Roxy Music -- Do The Strand
s: David Sylvian -- I Surrender
t: Tones On Tail -- Slender Fungus
u: Ultravox -- Vienna (Another contender for 'best song ever written')
v: Velvet Underground -- Who Loves The Sun?
w: Roger Waters -- The Final Cut
x: X -- We're Having Much More Fun
y: Yazoo -- State Farm
z: Zappa -- Susie Creamcheese
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