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and if only I could remember these dreams, I know they're trying to tell me- something.

But god knows what.
Dreamed that I was living where I live, and was temping again. I was between assignments and wound up helping a female friend/acquaintance (who I think MAY have been nux_vomica) with a stage set, for some theatrical production for a show she was in. She was attending some arts school that doesn't exist, about 10 blocks northeastish of my house. No, further than that- walking home involved going through Japantown.
I have no idea what show it was, and the set was very odd. I wound up mispainting portions of it over and over (see, I was operating under this weird perception that the downstage portion of the set should perhaps be something other than bare wood). Then, my celphone rang; it was my temp contracting agency. I had been asked to work on this theatrical production, would I be interested in taking the job?
'Oh, that'd be fun- and I'm already there, so that would work nicely. Yes, please!'
'Okay, well I've spoken to everyone who's available to take it so-' sound of rummaging through papers 'One...' rummagerummage 'and there's #2...' rummage 'three- and there you are. you're on.'
'Great! How long's it for?'
pause- clickclick- chorus of female voices over the phone singing
'When in July?'
pause- same chorus

Then I woke up.

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