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Why I am not IRREVOCABLY an idiot.

I listed off several reasons I felt like a moron in an earlier post.

Today, I:
a: didn't buy a Foo Fighters album I didn't have already- because the various bits of advice about their albums did not put this one as a good 'and this one too'.
b: FIXED the DVDR and CDR problem (as it turned out, I had decided I didn't really NEED sound drivers, somewhere down the line. Uhm. DUH. But the important part is that I found the answer to this concern and repaired it. AND got to listen to samples off the forthcoming Bowie album (thanks, eac!).)
c: I responded to a bout of self-interested stupid behavior by explaining to my boss' boss that it would not be professional to reward such behavior. She LOVED this. She is so on my bandwagon for getting this shit scraped off the bootheel of the department that I can just sit back and watch her drive the thing off into the sunset.
d: I said 'enough pretty words: what are the knives for?' to the people who were speaking sweetly and honing blades.

It's not that one does some stupid shit and that makes one ETERNALLY STUPID. It's that one does stupid shit and never fixes it, picks up afterwards, &c. That's what makes for dumbfuckery.

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