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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

LJ Friends Metrics Thingummy.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

LJ Friends Metrics Thingummy.

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mucha mosaic
What intrigues me about this is the number of people who I do already know and just- either I don't care enough about the toenail clipping incidents in their lives, or I don't want to inundate myself with a whole lot of data about their lives.
Some of these people have even been on my friendslist and aren't there anymore. There's at least one or two I know from outside LJ, and would honestly not trust as far as I could throw them. Yes, I'm talking about you here, evilmicrowizard, you bastard goatfucking cuntpig!
...you get that that's a joke, right man?

TrustFlow trust metric

TrustFlow trust metric

Created by ciphergoth, see trustmetrics for details.

Closest 50 non-Friends for colubra:

1: woolong, 2: r_ness, 3: orendure, 4: bronzemountain, 5: questioner, 6: chupchup, 7: evilmicrowizard, 8: wheeker, 9: cadhla, 10: dansa, 11: skyschemer, 12: andyrooheavens, 13: stoat, 14: chareth, 15: drivingblind, 16: aelfsciene, 17: xibo, 18: sirhc_warrior, 19: malkav, 20: tibicina, 21: caffeinetwitch, 22: cori_may, 23: zou, 24: bzial, 25: wytchchyld, 26: angel_boi, 27: divineseduction, 28: meatnog, 29: operate_x, 30: jendavis77, 31: closer2myself, 32: nux_vomica, 33: ohimesamamama, 34: redmagpie, 35: diony, 36: amberspyglass, 37: khyri, 38: dianala, 39: humanx, 40: sherilyn, 41: ambar, 42: sashafinn, 43: rezendi, 44: anongrrl, 45: autumnfinn, 46: jengagne, 47: madwriter, 48: niansahc, 49: nyxie, 50: elena23

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