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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

How was Vegas?

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

How was Vegas?

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mucha mosaic
it was there. In fairness, it was essentially enjoyably there. Nothing about it ever makes me really ecstatic, truth be told: I just get really burned out on the constant audio stimulation and the video stimulation. That's how I work, rather than an objective failing of Las Vegas.
I saw azure-hued men eating twinkies to the sound of Ravel's 'Bolero', was reminded that taking my much-longer-stride at my housemate's much-slower-pace winds up with me in fucking agony due to the bad knee, and discovered that the desserts at Nine Fine Irishmen (in New York New York) are a good acid test for lactose intolerance (yep, I'm officially lactose-intolerant).
And that was JUST MONDAY.

Sunday was fun- got in, went to O.
Tuesday was fine- this time, I remembered that my goddamn stride needs to not be the whole length when I'm walking slower. Sleeping was a bit of a chore- the pillows were too darn mushy, and I had trouble gettin' comfy. No big deal, really.

Overall, the housemate did very well at slot machines.

I'm very, very glad I'm home.
  • Aww :( I'm sorry that you were unwell while you were there. Glad that you're back home safe though :)
  • Was this a work related trip?
    • Nope

      Housemate Loves Loves LOVES Vegas, and had been in town previously for a work-related trip-- took a few personal days, and I came along since housemate birthday is not too far off.
      • Re: Nope

        So were you there over the weekend?

        Also...now that I think about it...there aren't any bookstores on the strip, are there. If there were bookstores I'd feel much better about it.
        • Re: Nope

          Got there Sunday night.
          There is one bookstore in the Caesar's Forum shops. It's a mediocre one.
  • It's so money...

    I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to see you & give you my hot Vegas tips. Sounds like you did a bit of actual entertainment, though, shows and the like... being po', I tend to do all the free/shoestring/tacky things in Vegas. :) And that is why the temporary closing of the pirate show sends me into hours of endless weeping. Curses!

    Welcome back. :)
  • For your sake, please get the lactose-intolerance verified via a tine test (preferred) or blood test (if you're on meds you can't stop taking for N hours). I thought I was lactose-intolerant for several years and then finally found out it was wheat and eggs. My sister had also thought she was, but after several years of Lact-Aid has realized it was something else. Given that my mom was recently diagnosed with wheat allergies as well, I wouldn't bet against it being wheat for her. Anyway, the problem with being allergic to something like wheat (and especially wheat + something else) is that you so often have the subject of your allergy along with dairy, so it's easy to blame dairy.
    • I've been carefully keeping an eye on what happens when my stomach gets queasy- it's always after eating dairy.
      Bought some Lact-Aid, ate some pizza and took Lact-Aid with it. NO stomachache.
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