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How was Vegas?

it was there. In fairness, it was essentially enjoyably there. Nothing about it ever makes me really ecstatic, truth be told: I just get really burned out on the constant audio stimulation and the video stimulation. That's how I work, rather than an objective failing of Las Vegas.
I saw azure-hued men eating twinkies to the sound of Ravel's 'Bolero', was reminded that taking my much-longer-stride at my housemate's much-slower-pace winds up with me in fucking agony due to the bad knee, and discovered that the desserts at Nine Fine Irishmen (in New York New York) are a good acid test for lactose intolerance (yep, I'm officially lactose-intolerant).
And that was JUST MONDAY.

Sunday was fun- got in, went to O.
Tuesday was fine- this time, I remembered that my goddamn stride needs to not be the whole length when I'm walking slower. Sleeping was a bit of a chore- the pillows were too darn mushy, and I had trouble gettin' comfy. No big deal, really.

Overall, the housemate did very well at slot machines.

I'm very, very glad I'm home.

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