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What have you read this month, Colubra

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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What have you read this month, Colubra

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So here's where I try to remember, and then get home and browse the shelves to make sure I got everything (or didn't). This is sort of trying to prove to myself that yes, I DO have the ability to remember things again.

If memory serves, I started the month out with Tad Williams' newest one, War of the Flowers which I thought was... okay. Better than the 4 he cranked out preceding (gaaah! those sucked). Then read The Forests of Serre by Patricia McKillip, which was great. I then picked up The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde. Picked up his Lost In A Good Book immediately thereafter- around the same time, I picked up the first of the Lemony Snicket series, and have been chewing through those one by one (I'm on book 3 now) as bedtime reading. i've been sort of picking at an anthology of Patricia McKillip's 'Riddle-Master' trilogy, but am not as engaged by it as I have been by her more recent work.
Stumbled across an ARC of Tad Williams' The Stone Of Farewell, and therefore bought that- and bought the first book (The Dragonbone Chair) as well, so I wouldn't be reading the 2nd without any recollection of the first. A good call: as it turns out, I don't remember the first hardly at ALL (nearly done with that) I'm planning to pick up the new Dan Simmons sometime between today and Saturday night, as reading for the Vegas trip I'm going on. Ilium, he's titled it. GOLLY I WONDER WHAT IT IS ABOUT, HAR HAR HAR. Rather hope it's another Hyperion diptych, rather than another Endymion.

11 books this month? Hmnnn. I'm sure there were more.
  • I just got and read the first of the Lemony Snicket books on Tuesday. Also bought the three books by Philip Pullman.

    Oh, and Hello. I randomly added you a while back, I can't remember if I'd said hello or not. Now I have. :)
  • Woo! Another Jasper Fforde reader!

    He makes me laugh. Long live imaginative fiction!
    • I thought I was going to hurt myself at the Unified Authority of Warrington Cat.

      See, on this Harry Potter game I play on, one of the other players is playing a character named Chester Warrington who really chafes my character. And so I did a google search on the name...
      ...and learned that Chester and Warrington are both in Cheshire. So I started teasing him that he was conceived in cheese.
      • Conceived in cheese? Now there's something I haven't seen yet.

        • Indeed.
          Chester hated hated HATED my character for this. HATE. Hateyhate.

          Perfect 13-year-old RP, I thought. :)
  • Patricia A. McKillip

    I haven't been able to re-read the Riddle-Master books, because my recollection of them is that they made me cry like a baby, and I can't handle that right now. However, if you ever get the chance to read or have already read The Changeling Sea, it's absolutely wonderful. I'm also very very partial to The Forgotten Beasts of Eld.

    Vegas, baby, Vegas? when? :)
    • Re: Patricia A. McKillip

      I get into the plane Sunday afternoon.
      • Hot Vegas tips

        If you'd like some hot Vegas tips, AIM me! :) I've got all kinds of useful info. :) And I love to talk about Vegas!

        Or maybe we can even hang in person, maaaybe! :)
        • Re: Hot Vegas tips

          I have no plans tonight; I have no plans tomorrow (well, save some laundry for this trip).
          I am unlikely to log into AIM in the near future, as the AIM id you have for me has been forgotten by me. Ran screaming from the thing that I needed it for.
          • Re: Hot Vegas tips

            Hmmm... that's too bad about AIM, not that I use it at all regularly. It crashes me! I'll send you a message on that forum, then. :)

            Otherwise, just bet it all on black. Oh, and in the third race of the day at Louisiana Downs, put your money on "Naughty Girl" to show.

            (Ok, I just made that last part up)
  • I saw Dan Simmons a week ago today, and he read a bit out of Ilium and a bit out of the first chapter of Ilium's sequel, and I think I'm going to like them both quite a bit. I need husband to finish Ilium first, though. (that or fight him to the death over it, but that doesn't seem to be in either of our best interests)

    Also saw Ursula on Wednesday (although unfortunately I missed most of her talk). If you haven't read it already, I highly recommend her new collection of short stories, Changing Planes. I enjoyed it immensely.
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