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Why do you commute so damn far, colubra?

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Why do you commute so damn far, colubra?

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People wonder this. Someone wondered it yesterday afternoon, in exactly the words above. Well, okay. I'll tell you.
Last night, I did a bit of grocery shopping and went home. Grocery shopping involved picking up SmartFoods soy 'chicken', which may be the most obscenely good fake meat ever. It doesn't taste quite like meat: it doesn't make apologies for that. But it does have the texture of chicken.
Got home, walked out my door and over to someone else's house, reading cheesy late-80's fantasy (Tad Williams' The Dragonbone Chair). En route, I discovered that 1906 Golden Gate is for sale. Beat up little old Edwardian house...
...but it's 1906...
...Golden Gate...

Got to the destination I was going to and met someone I hadn't ever really met before, despite several mutual friends- the lovely nux_vomica. I then paid her for a book- Jean Lorrain's Nightmares of an Ether-Drinker. Trans. by Brian Stableford. Neat little small-press customjob binding. Jean Lorrain is the pseudonym of one Paul Duvaul, who was an ether addict who died of his addiction. More Decadent literature on my shelves! Yay!
Picked up book, met a wee sprog which I assumed to be hers (though we weren't formally introduced), with whom I tried to play catch a while on the stairs. Okay, Decadent French literature, 1906 Golden Gate, and playing catch with a sweet little kid. Out door, down to Fulton, past the house Darren and Elizabeth used to live in with Khaki and other housemates I forget the names of. Looks much the same as ever, that house- though I strongly suspect that the owners are not, in fact, in residence (which was the reason given for their eviction).
Then to Cafe Abir (Fulton & Divisadero) where I ran into Serena Valentino, the author of the comic Gloomcookie (among other works). Hadn't seen her in a while. She lives about 5 doors away from 'smack-dab on my way to/from the cafe'. This reminded me that the other co-creator of Gloomcookie, one Ted Naifeh, lives a couple blocks further down the same street, and is the artist and co-creator of another book that gets tarted on Livejournal a fair amount, howloathsome. Ted and I have known each other for (gulp) damned near 16 years; the co-creator of How Loathsome was over at my house for the 4th of July Japanfest last year.
Small world? Kinda.
Then back to the apartment and a lovely dinner.

All of this happened in walking distance of my home. I got my fix of cute little kids, antique French literature, local history, health food, and fun people who are involved in graphic novel production within a roughly 6-block swath of San Francisco.

Why do I commute 40some miles one way?
Why the hell would I NOT???
  • Hey, if I could get all that, I'd commute too!

    Sounds like a good deal to me.
    • All except for the soy chicken.

      I do not trust soy.

      Let alone soy masquerading as meatlike things. ;)
      • It's actually not too bad. Yes, it bothers my sensibilities about such things (meat is pure, fake meat is impure, kinda like white chocolate).

        However, cooked properly, consuming it can be a perfectly enjoyable experience.
        • Ah, so there is some mysterious arcane cooking process that somehow makes it not soy?


          And hey, I like white chocolate.. which really should have just been called something else but people were lazy. At least Soy has its own name.
          • Put 'chicken strips' into wok.
            Add teriyaki sauce, soy, curry, and other spices to taste.
            Serve over rice.

            White chocolate is made from cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar and vanilla. Cocoa butter appears in other items which we call 'chocolate'. This is probably how it got its name: it's not chocolate, but it has a lot of similarities in how it's manufactured, how it melts, &c.
  • I'm amused. The first band I was ever in was named Nox Vomica.

    People kept thinking we were a spanish band. ;)

  • Ted and I have known each other for (gulp) damned near 16 years...

    Wow. You have me beat by a very, very long shot. Like 15 years.

    It's Ted & Kelly's fault that I'm now a karaoke slut. :)
    • Oh, I had inside help.

      We grew up in the same suburb down on the peninsula; not QUITE walking distance from each other's house (but mostly that was because of some pretty seriously nasty hills between).
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