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Because I'm going to hell.

Okay. So.

I'm browsing on somethingawful.com last friday and found a screamingly funny photo-- which promptly reduces me to hysterical laughter. The photo is at: http://www.somethingawful.com/article.php?id=397-8 -- go down to the name Raivin. (My apologies to anyone who saw the hideous porn redirect).
Then I realize I have a friend who has forcefed himself huge quantities of Tolkien's fictive language he invented for his elves (and quenya is its name-o) -- and in fact, he'd probably be able to read the subtitle.
Not only did he read it, but he gave me a MORE ACCURATE translation of 'Elvish, motherf***er! Do you speak it?': in Quenya, one says "Quenya, ulundo! Ma quetalyes?".
I got a gif of these characters in Quenya, too: I'll try to get that uploaded in an update to this entry.

Gandalf: You know what it is about Rivendell? It's the little things. They got all the same shit there that we got here, Frodo, but they call it differently.
Frodo: Example?
Gandalf: Okay, you know waybread? They got waybread there, but they call it lembas.
Frodo: lembas. huh.

--From Pulp Tolkien, in which Bruce Willis plays a balrog, Sam is noticeably absent, and Legolas is in the Jackrabbit Slim's scene, saying his immortal line, "And how would you like your milkshake, then?"

On other notes:
indigoskynet showed me this little bit of terror to which she was subjected: http://www.marysbridal.com/bridal/6155.htm
If a sister of mine were considering this dress, I'd have to tell her I'd rather she were to get married in semen-stained, hot pink taffeta. Good heavens but this little abomination horrifies me.

The Sisters of Mercy!
I am oh so uber goth. No, scratch that, executive goth of the eighties. I am someone who does not stick to one particular way of life; I will try to integrate them all to make my own little hybrid. Thus I am a very creative person more than likely I will always be making something, or thinking of doing it. I can appear to be a very gloomy and arrogant person from the outside but get to know me and you'll probably discover that I'm just like everyone else, I have my little personas for the world to see.
Which 80s band are you?
Test created by Sambam of blackeyed.net/tristessa

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