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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Because I'm going to hell.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Because I'm going to hell.

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mucha mosaic
Okay. So.

I'm browsing on somethingawful.com last friday and found a screamingly funny photo-- which promptly reduces me to hysterical laughter. The photo is at: http://www.somethingawful.com/article.php?id=397-8 -- go down to the name Raivin. (My apologies to anyone who saw the hideous porn redirect).
Then I realize I have a friend who has forcefed himself huge quantities of Tolkien's fictive language he invented for his elves (and quenya is its name-o) -- and in fact, he'd probably be able to read the subtitle.
Not only did he read it, but he gave me a MORE ACCURATE translation of 'Elvish, motherf***er! Do you speak it?': in Quenya, one says "Quenya, ulundo! Ma quetalyes?".
I got a gif of these characters in Quenya, too: I'll try to get that uploaded in an update to this entry.

Gandalf: You know what it is about Rivendell? It's the little things. They got all the same shit there that we got here, Frodo, but they call it differently.
Frodo: Example?
Gandalf: Okay, you know waybread? They got waybread there, but they call it lembas.
Frodo: lembas. huh.

--From Pulp Tolkien, in which Bruce Willis plays a balrog, Sam is noticeably absent, and Legolas is in the Jackrabbit Slim's scene, saying his immortal line, "And how would you like your milkshake, then?"

On other notes:
indigoskynet showed me this little bit of terror to which she was subjected: http://www.marysbridal.com/bridal/6155.htm
If a sister of mine were considering this dress, I'd have to tell her I'd rather she were to get married in semen-stained, hot pink taffeta. Good heavens but this little abomination horrifies me.

The Sisters of Mercy!
I am oh so uber goth. No, scratch that, executive goth of the eighties. I am someone who does not stick to one particular way of life; I will try to integrate them all to make my own little hybrid. Thus I am a very creative person more than likely I will always be making something, or thinking of doing it. I can appear to be a very gloomy and arrogant person from the outside but get to know me and you'll probably discover that I'm just like everyone else, I have my little personas for the world to see.
Which 80s band are you?
Test created by Sambam of blackeyed.net/tristessa
  • Something about the tags in this posting is totally confusing Netscape 4.78. You can pretend you don't care, Mr. Colubra, but don't you know what you're doing to my browser and my livejournal window? Do you think it's fair? Mr. Colubra?

    Also, that dress: aie!
    • erk.

      I am sorry! Unfortunately, 'totally confusing netscape 4.78' doesn't give me enough of an impression of what's going on, though, to try to acommodate the comment.
  • Woo!

    The link to the dress doesn't seem to work...so I'll subject you to this instead:


    Has there ever been a more perfect drag gown invented? And what name would you use...Starr Zanstripes? May Flower? Frieda Manjustice? Pity Bertha Venation is already taken...

    • Re: Woo!

      Now imagine that dress done up as a wedding gown. Eew? Eew. Okay, now guess what was on the page that they've since yanked down.

      I hope they did because someone complained it was sickening.
      • Woo!

        Er, colubra...that one is a wedding gown. Frighteningly enough.

        Or did you mean this one?

        And the flower girl's dress to match?

        Commence twitching.

        • Re: Woo!

          The one I saw (which apparently ain't there no mo') is a bit more classically-80's-looking.
          But yes, the horror about matches the ones you found.
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