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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Oh the angsty tormented misery of my soul

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Oh the angsty tormented misery of my soul

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I have a long Amazon wishlist.
(why do I keep stuffing things into that compulsively?)

UPDATE: fixed link. Thank you, camwyn!
  • Heh. I never think to put things on my list, which is woefully outdated.

    But then, I'm in the "my god! I have waaay too much stuff!" mode, because we just moved.

    • When I stumble across something that I want to buy, or that sounds interesting, I stuff it there for later either A) 'Oh yeah, I wanted to get that' or B) 'people complain they never know what to get me'.
      I also so far have, two years in a row, managed to mention this in my livejournal 2 months before my birthday. ;)
    • Nope- I am, in fact, a bit late from '2 months preceding'.
    • Colubra walks a fine line between Virgo and Libra. :)

      We love him anyway. ;)
  • Also, why the hell isn't Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence out on DVD?!
    • NO idea.
      If you want a movie heavilyladen with pretty Japanese boy and period-piece sensibility, May I recommend the Japanese film 'Gohattou (Taboo)', released a couple years ago.

      • I'll keep it in mind, though I really do want a copy of the other for the archive (though on reflection, it's scary how much my 13 year old self liked that movie...). It is obtainable on VHS, but what's the point?
        • I understand completely.

          I feel very similarly about The Linguini Incident.
  • (no subject) -
  • Added Letters from a Lost Uncle, of which I had never previously heard. My list is about the same size, with just a teeny bit of overlap.
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