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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

More evidence I'm a fucking idiot.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

More evidence I'm a fucking idiot.

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mucha mosaic
A: I bought a Foo Fighters CD last night (the new one). This is the first Foo Fighters CD I have ever bought. I am wondering WHY I never bought one before.
B: My rant about the new Queens of the Stone Age CD being broken because of copy protection, a couple weeks ago? It's untrue. My goddamned CDR AND my DVDR have decided they no longer want to play CDs. The CD is not copy protected, and you should buy it.
C: I continue to believe that people are, at root, basically greedy selfish bastards, yet often expect them to behave as something other than that and actually act surprised when they act like greedy selfish bastards.
D: I try to believe the pretty words people say while they're sharpening knives.
  • Foo Fighters rocks. I've been a fan of them since their first cd, seen them live once. They only have 4 studio albums so I recommend buying them all :-) Of the first 3, _The Colour And The Shape_ is my fav.
  • hey, fucko! who you callin' an idiot? you talkin' shit about my friend? huh?

    and more of the same.

    anyway, i tend to think you're far more likely to act like you have a brain than like you haven't, putting you far ahead of most humans and, in fact, into the "smart guy" category.

    but that's just, you know, me talking.
    • I mostly posted this list as a way of saying to myself 'don't be too damn smug, you obviously make mistakes, fucko'. ;)
      • heh. i have been known to post such things at times. pray continue, my dear fucko.
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