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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Happy Birthday to Me (forthcoming).

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Happy Birthday to Me (forthcoming).

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mucha mosaic
Since I almost never even mention that birthdays happen, let alone what I might like for them, I was lazy and put a few suggestions together. This way, I have a pat answer. Since I have never bothered with HTML, this link is ugly.

  • Link doesn't work right. Wah.

    I keep getting either a) my wish list or b) (if I log out) their default page.

    Curses. This is just some sort of cruel birthday taunt, isn't it? :>
    • Re: Link doesn't work right. Wah.

      Hmnn. On reflection, I also get my own account with that link.
      the email address associated w/ the account is nonexistentaccount at hotmail dot com (why yes, I am indeed making this look funny so it can't be cut-and-pasted by a spammer).
  • Correct link

    therewith, is:


    Which gets you there from whereever.
    • Re: Correct link

      Yep, I told you the link would be ugly. Thank you, whomever!
  • (Anonymous)
    Here I thought he just was trying to say that he couldn't think of anything he'd want more for his birthday than all of us treating ourselves to something on our wishlist.

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