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Meme of Extraordinary Gentlepersons

I yanked this off of crotalus_atrox, who yanked it off someone else who yanked it off someone else.

Here's how it works:
1. Choose five to seven characters.
2. They may be from books, movies, comics, TV shows, games, and real life -- but no traditional superheroes.
3. They may be from any place in the universe, any time. They do not have to be from the same time/place as the orginal League.
4. You must identify the recruiter, the villain, and the leader, and there must be at least one female.
5. Optional, you may identify their main mode of transportation.

The interesting trick here is: finding characters who are that strong of archetypes. As they've had the test of time to prove strong or not, I'm going to try utilizing fictional characters who live in a world that's at least vaguely Victorian in nature.


Tarzan, Lord Greystoke
Alfred Lord Byron's Don Juan (an awfully thinly-veiled self-portrait): A somewhat more mature, clubfooted Don Juan would perhaps make a good leader, too: I did my crazy bit at Missilonghi and now, I will counsel folks to not make the same dumb mistakes I did.
Springheeled Jack (a.k.a. Jumpin' Jack Flash). Jack would be a good fit for the invisible man's role, as Jack was a lecherous demon who would grope women in the East End, and then leap onto the roof of a building to escape before the police could arrest him. Springheeled Jack also stopped what he was up to about... 8 months before Jack the Ripper started what he got up to. Funny how that works, huh?
Mycroft Holmes (the brighter older brother of Sherlock)
Alice Pleasance Liddell, who as a girl had adventures involving a rabbit hole, and then a looking-glass. I think that she would make an interesting villain.
Gordon Arthur Pym, from Poe's short stories. Just about for every 2 horror stories he did, he did one adventure; the Narrative of Gordon Arthur Pym is most amusing.
Means of transportation: didn't Mr. Pym have a hot air balloon?

Let's Play: League of Mythological Gentlemen!

- Merlin (but we may know him better as the Babylonian Enkil): Merlin can serve as our original recruiter
- Sir Gawain (originally, so it's said, from Welsh myth; his name is certainly der. from Gwalchgwynn) Gawain is also perhaps a bit of an encoded representation of an aspect of Horus, since gwalchgwynn is welsh for 'white bird of prey'
- Sir Lancelot (A strong representative of the male half of the the belle dame sans merci myth- alternately, the gentleman who loves what one that he cannot have; this one goes cheerily traipsing back to Gilgamesh)
- Art, Foreordained King (also known as Horus) our apparent leader
- The Fisher King (also known as Osiris, wounded between his thighs)
- Guinevere (The female role in this piece has been depicted since the days of Babylonian myth: she's a sort of Inanna/Ishtar pastiche)
- Morgan le Fay (the other half of Ishtar, who was the goddess of love and war) Or maybe we could make Guinevere and Morgan into one person! that would be neat and split-personalityish. Oh wait, that'd be lifting off Jeckyll & Hyde a bit, wouldn't it...

Not sure what to call it. Uhm. We need some sort of McGuffin for the whole thing to revolve around...
we'll call it after that McGuffin. Arthur and his Hoodies, and the Holy Whassit.
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