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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

an ye sow, and all that crap

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

an ye sow, and all that crap

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mucha mosaic
The first and only rule of this livejournal is that there is not truth to be found in it. No.
What you are about to read is untrue. Or if it is true, some of it isn't. Or perhaps it's all true and this portion of the post is the only untruth.

Someone I know is quite upset that they've been singled out for the unpleasant attentions of what appears to be a pack of very tiny-minded people. I like this person a lot, which is why names aren't in what is about to follow. I am sorry that I still feel this hurt about how this person behaved towards me, in conjunction with what appeared to be a pack of very tiny-minded people. However, I still feel this hurt about how this person behaved towards me: nothing has happened to expunge guilt here, in my view.
There's an lj-cut below. That is so that you don't get your eyebrows singed off inadvertently. The text that appears in italic beyond the cut is the text that I refuse to accept responsibility for you reading. You don't want to read this. Don't read it, it's evil.
That said, then --


To Whomever:

While I do sympathize with what's bugging you, the inner snarky asshole demands that I must quote some advice that I got from you and a dear dear dear friend of yours over an issue that you were both involved in that made me deeply miserable, and left me just about as dissatisfied with a clique of folks who- just like yours- are convinced they know everything, and I know nothing:

Mature people know when to call it quits.

I'm sorry I had to do that, but what you sow is what you reap, and it's ever so richly merited. That's a pretty cold-hearted way to speak, isn't it? To tell you you have NO RIGHT to be upset by people stuffing words in your mouth, ignoring everything you had to say? Gee, you'd think someone would get hurt by that sort of callous disregard for emotion. You'd think someone did get hurt by it, in fact.
Sadly, I'm sure that it's true in some deluded little universe. When you're a Mature Person in that little universe of delusions, you will have the magical ability to stop caring when people are truly dreadfully ill-mannered, and not respond to them, and not be wounded by their imbecility. You should be Big Enough to just turn around and walk away from these idiots.
Honestly? By that definition, I don't think I know anyone who's a mature person. I like you a great deal. I care about you a lot. But in this one, very limited circumstance, fuck you for a hypocrite without the ability to look in a mirror.

Some advice:
Don't ask me to have a dialogue with you about this. Don't expect me to get over it. Don't expect to be forgiven for your part in it (if you had one) out of the blue. Don't expect that it'll just be forgotten. If you erred in how you dealt with me, that error still hurts me. I simply am attempting to be mature, and that is why this is here, and you are reading it after having been warned repeatedly not to if you didn't want to.
I had to say, at least, that it fucking amuses me to hell and back that you're so upset, two months later, that someone's doing to you almost exactly as you did unto me.

End rant.


Hey, I told you you didn't want to read this shit.

Okay, that's off my chest. I feel a bit more pleased with myself. If you're enraged by it? Don't expect me to care. You read it. You were warned. I have no responsibility for it, just as Norelco has no responsibility if you put a plugged-in hairdryer in the tub with you.
  • Justice...

    ...is a cold-hearted bitch with a steel strap-on that's been stored in the freezer for a week.* It's always fun to watch her fuck somebody else.

    * Not to be confused with lyricagent .
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    • Spew needed to happen.

      Honestly, who it's about is not meant to be shared; that's why the person isn't named. I was irritated. I am not now.
      Though as cr0wgrrl notes, wow but justice is a stone-cold bitch sometimes.
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