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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Yes, my child...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Yes, my child...

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mucha mosaic
welcome to the

You may confess to any secretive shame here- you may even confess anonymously, my child, should you so need.

I will kick off: I own a Maroon5 CD.
  • I have a Milli Vanilli tape?
  • I
    [Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<bpaid<b>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

    I <bpaid<b> to see Leonard Pt. 6 in a movie theatre.
    • You, my son, must watch League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the theatre as you contemplate your sins.
  • I have to confess before the catboy does it for me...

    I once said that 'Hall & Oats' rocked the house.
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    • Re: Bless me father, for I have sinned

      If you own a copy of it now, there is nothing you must do to repent this sin.
      If you do not own a copy of it now, determine if you need to own it now that you are not a college DJ.
  • Uh...


    ...okay, I have seen Barry Manilow in concert.

    But I like Barry Manilow music!
    • I fear that your penance will be most challenging.

      You must see a lounge musician.
      In a lounge.
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    • Re: I can't bear it, I have to confess...

      I am impressed by the moral fortitude implied by missing these.
      You must not watch much daytime television, my daughter.
      Nor have I.
      Now that's just sick and wrong.
      You are missing out.

      I would humbly submit that as penance, you ought rent the Godfather and watch this film.
  • i have never read "snowcrash", nor anything by phillip k dick.

    all of my software is bootlegged.

    i can't stand the taste of wine. i do not understand the appeal of wine. my eyes glaze over when people try explaining it to me. i just don't care about wine. get it away from me.

    • Snow Crash is alright: I prefer Mr. Stephenson's later work, however. Philip K. Dick's novel 'Ubik' is very much up your alley, I suspect: as penance for never reading any of his work you ought to go read this novel.
      Okay, so you don't like wine. I'm not a fan of gin. This is hardly a sin: after all, my son, de gustibus non disputatum est.
  • So many sins, so little time...

    *hanging head in shame*

    I still know all the lyrics to every Air Supply song,
    I have never seen Pat Benatar in concert,
    and I've fallen in love with my polar opposite: an undereducated, antisocial, pro-military, Republican-Redneck-Pagan from Arkansas.
    (but perhaps this last one counts as penance...? *hopeful smile*)

    • I prescribe the following:

      Marijuana for the first
      Praise of the lord for the second
      and hey, if you're happy- you're happy. The polar opposite may learn from you.
  • I still own all of my Huey Lewis & The News CDs from Back In The Day and I doubt I'll ever sell them.

    I used to own Riverdance on CD and DVD...

    I sing karaoke...

    Forgive me, father...
    • All of us have sinned in the past, srallen my son. Our insistence on repeating those sins is what harms us.

      Never mention the Huey Lewis CDs again, for they are an abomination in the sight of the LORD. Riverdance upon CD and DVD is a sin which you have committed- and learned not to commit upon your own. It would be inappropriate to penalize you for that which you have learned not to do.
      The singing of karaoke, however... well, you should at least wash your hands after.

      Five hail Kibo's and five bob'syeruncle's.
  • I...I...Father, I read romance novels as brain candy. But I don't watch soap operas, and I only read the ones by authors who have a sense of humor.

    I'm so ashamed, Father.
    • Brain candy. I am not certain I agree with the use of this term, daughter. Candy tastes good to the tongue, and is filled with stimulating sugars. Do romance novels taste good to the tongue,a nd fill you with stimulation? I doubt that they do. I will need to understand your sins better to know how I can help you with them: tell me, please, what it is that you mean by 'brain candy'.

  • Forgive me, for I used to own a Bon Jovi CD, though I can no longer locate it.

    And while I am not certain that it requires forgiveness, in the days of yore, I saw a Kiss concert, and enjoyed it.

    Tell me, what must I do to restore karmic balance?
    • You have sinned, and now, you acknowledge your sin. You have already placed your sin behind you, my son. Do you feel that you have absolved yourself of it?
  • lord help me

    I find pleasure in Hee Haw.

    I also fantasized about my high school drama teacher. It was wrong.

    help me be clean again.
    • Re: lord help me

      I knew that you would wear this icon approaching the confessional, my child.

      I cannot understand why you find pleasure in Hee Haw- and I cannot absolve you of this wrongdoing. You do not demonstrate repentance of it.

      Your drama teacher, that is a different matter. I think many people have succumbed to this very sin, for your drama teacher was a fucking hottie.

      Drink two bloody marys, and... you won't remember.
  • It is true...

    I am in love with Grod
    • Re: It is true...

      You're sleeping with him; I think that is penance enough, assuming your repentance is genuine.
  • ..

    Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

    I'm not wearing any pants.. and its really comfortable.. I'm not sure I ever want to wear pants again!
    • Re: ..

      I am uncertain how not wearing pants is sinful. If it is sinful, I am uncertain how I am to absolve you of the taint of a sin you are uncertain you wish to cease committing.
  • I continue to maintain the PJ Harvey has a beautiful singing voice.

    I write RPG character fanfic for entertainment value.
    • As has been reiterated above several times: I cannot absolve you of sins which you have not repented, my son.
      RPG character fanfic for entertainment value is sinful; you need to go one further, and write fiction based on RPG characters. One can parlay that into a successful writing career.

      Just ask Robert Jordan.
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