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Things I never need to see again in my fucking life, part the 13457645203495619365294875th.

[Colubra] It was a fine idea at the time says:
*reading messenger name* *snickering* I didn't know you were going to Manila too.
It's too bloody hot for clothes says:
[Colubra] It was a fine idea at the time says:
...it's hot in London? I am mystified.

The holder of this messenger name is a coworker who may be one of the most unpleasant folks I've dealt with at any length. His sexuality has been the source of much speculation amongst female coworkers with whom I went to Costa Rica. I must quote Scott Thompson's character Buddy about it: 'And then there's Liberace. You just don't want him to be.'

Now that I have unsuccessfully tried to bang my head into the wall hard enough to eradicate the image of this coworker, stark naked, using a cellphone in a flat in Kensington, I pass this one on so those who've met this coworker can share my pain.


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