I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

'Name Three Songs That...' meme

Name 3 songs that you think are beautiful.
Some of Chris Connelly's songs honestly make me ache with how beautiful they are. I can't pick JUST ONE from among them, let alone picking three. 'No More Changing Of The Guard', 'The Fortune', 'The Amorous Harvey Plugg', 'Spoonfed Celeste', 'Mississippi Palisades', 'To Play A Slow Game'...
thank heavens for Chris Connelly. Amazon offers a few samples off his albums: 'Shipwreck' and 'The Ultimate Seaside Companion (Revisited)' are the albums I most strongly like, though the lot are good, and nobody knows him. So check him out.

Name 3 songs that make you want to tear shit up.
Nine Inch Nails- 'No, You Don't'
KMFDM- 'Terror'
Suicidal Tendencies- 'Institutionalized'

Name 3 songs that make you want to get it on.
Jeez. Fah. Any particular SORT of getting it on? The kind of getting it on that (f'rinstance) NIN's 'Closer' would lead to is not a Barry White 'Let's Get It On' kinda thing, though they both qualify as getting it on. Neither is either one an Elvis Costello 'After the Fall' sort of getting it on.
And woah, I actually named 3 songs.

Name 3 songs that express sadness or melancholy.
Aztec Camera- 'Stray'
Bach's second cello suite
Taku Iwasaki (Samurai X soundtrack) - 'March of the Last Wolves'. It sounds very charge-of-the-light-brigade. A last-ditch effort that you know will wind up with everyone dead- but you've no other real choice.

Name 3 songs that express desire or longing.
ABC- 'Ocean Blue'
David Bowie- 'Wild Is The Wind'
The The- 'Jealous Of Youth'

Name 3 songs that make you smile.
The Damned- 'Grimly Fiendish'
The Ramones- 'Beat On The Brat'
and oddly,
The Strokes- 'Soma'

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