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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

I was expecting someone... taller. Part 2

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

I was expecting someone... taller. Part 2

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mucha mosaic
Ursula K. LeGuin is a tiny woman. She has lines upon lines in her face.
She was thrilled to death with how crowded the bookstore was (very), and extremely pleased to do Q&A (she seemed to really enjoy the questions, and finding answers to them).
She also sounds just like you'd imagine from her writing. Alright, just like I'd imagined, anyways.
She was extremely flattered by the little anecdote I offered her of her being the only author who ever made me get lost on public transit- she laughed very loudly, and was pleased as heck to be thanked for a chance to return a little of the enjoyment she'd given me.
Very wonderful author. If you get a chance to see her read, I strongly recommend it. Best author reading and signing I've seen, bar none.
  • Me, jealous.
  • Interesting. I'm a fair fan of her stuff.
  • Coincidence

    Funny. I was just thinking of Left Hand of Darkness earlier this evening. That's cool that she was so personable.
  • hey, cool...

    Lathe of Heaven: one of my favorite all time novels. i have hated both film adaptations. they both missed the goddam point. just terrible. i started on a stage adaptation mostly to see if it could be done but never finished it out of depression... but i think it could work. its not about effects. its the central idea that captivates me...
    • Re: hey, cool...

      She spoke a bit about that. the below is as direct a quote as I can recall:
      'I was involved in drafting the script and all of that, you know. It was. Well. I write novelistically, not dramatically. If you think about it for a moment, at the end of Lathe of Heaven... nothing happens. Sure, it's a good book-' and here she pulled a bigeyed oh my god sort of face '-but it's not Shakespeare!' Then she laughed.

      If you're curious: Wizard of Earthsea and Left Hand of Darkness have both been optioned for television as there's just too much in either to make a 1.5hour movie. She wishes they were for the big screen, though.
  • Very jealous. I haven't read anything by her, yet, though Mike keeps threatening me with it. I was, however, present when she won a Nebula this year. She, of course, was not. ;) Someone read the letter she'd written as an acceptance speech, and it was amazing.
    • Hmmmn. Fantasy or SF? Short stories or novels?
      Give me some parameters, I can probably point you at something you'd enjoy.
  • Okay wow, do I feel stupid. The earthsea books were some of the first I ever read when I was wee, like straight after The Hobbit. It never occurred to me that she was a woman, then again I dont really tend to associate a sex to most of the authors I read. I'm quite jealous :)
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