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and from the opposition camp...

Robert Knight, a spokesman for the conservative Culture and Family Institute, said Thursday's ruling would have "very real consequences."

Knight warned that it would undermine the legal foundation of marriage, lead to more deaths among gay men from sexually transmitted diseases and lead to schoolchildren being taught "that homosexual sodomy is the same as marital sex."

"This is social engineering by a court. It will have very bad effects on the idea of our republican form of government," Knight said. "If a government like Texas cannot legislate on public health, safety and morals, what can it legislate about?"

And the Rev. Rob Schenck, co-founder of the National Clergy Council, called it "a lamentable outcome."

Well, the first quote is almost right: Homosexual sodomy is, in the eyes of the law, the equal of marital sodomy. That is to say: it's not the government's place to enforce morality.
'social engineering by a court'. Which is why the court removed a law that attached criminal penalty to an act that what, just about everyone reading this has practiced. Why yes, per the dictionary, oral sex is sodomy-- and a divorced woman got charged with sodomy for blowing her new boyfriend, by her ex-husband.

Oh, and the Rev. Rob Schenck needs a good fuck and a cheeseburger. Of course, he can't HAVE a cheeseburger since the ethics he's applying to are those of Leviticus, which forbid the combination of dairy and meat...
...say Schenkie, is that a poly-cotton stole you're wearing in that photo on CNN.com? STONING! STONING!

It just seemed to make sense to let the morons look moronic. This is from the tail end of CNN's article on the ruling.


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