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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Let fly a loud hurrah!

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Let fly a loud hurrah!

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mucha mosaic

Also: made The One Lasagne last night, as referenced earlier in my livejournal. A couple of trivia are missing from that recipe; check comments I posted to that entry for them. The One Lasagne was a huge hit. thren, senatorhatty and lyricagent were all pleased with it.

yeah, a pretty pleasant 12 hours overall, all told. And off to Nick Cave tonight, woo woo.
  • is there any of the One Lasagna left over? :)
    • Almost all of it, yep.

      If you want a bite, you could stop by- I will be home by 5:30, and leaving by 6. So you'd need to be there AT 5:30 if you wanted to scarf a slice down while I do, or somewhere in that window if you want to bring some tupperware by and have a slice. I am going to a concert tonight: nil flexibility.
      Tomorrow night I won't be home 'till late, most likely: Thurs. night I'll be home @ 7; Fri. I'm going to go out probably around 11. I'll also be home Saturday all day, waiting for the UPS man.

      ...whew. Ever notice how you have nothing to do for days and then suddenly EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT ONCE?
      • Re: Almost all of it, yep.

        If I am awake, I will be there @ 5:30 today. :)

        Wednesday evening is bad because I have the last half of my welding class Wednesday night from 6-10.

        We'll figure something out, if I don't manage to stay awake until 5ish.
    • Correction:

      I'll be home WEDNESDAY at 7; I'll be out THURSDAY night. (see below).
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  • Mmmmmmm it was indeed soooooo goooood. :)
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