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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Ranty content behind LJ cut. Summary: stupid fucking punks who know nothing about punk.

I am so tired of hearing about how Punk something is or isn't.

Let us try to teach those who call themselves 'punks' what the fuck 'punk' is. Hint: it is NOT AVRIL FUCKING LAVIGNE.

What Punk Is Not:

Depeche Mode is not punk. They are post-punk. New Wave (to dredge up a clinker of a name from about 1982). The absence of guitars until the early 90s, and the presence of banks of synthesizers, is what clinches this one. Punk involves guitars.
Depeche Mode also got serious major label money. Punk is all about DIY.
The Smiths MOST DEFINITELY weren't punk. They, too, were New Wave. If you want to talk about something someone in the Smiths touched that was punk, you can talk about The The. But you have to be careful, because Johnny Marr only guested on a would-be-pop The The album.
Avril I am Hyperproduced Up the Ass Lavigne is not fucking punk. She's a whiny bitch who sounds about as punk as Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. Remember them? Do ya?
Yeah. THAT ISN'T PUNK, IS IT, SHIT FOR BRAINS? that DOESN'T belong on the same shelf with the Clash DOES IT. That isn't a band for getting drunk to and breaking shit.

So what is punk?
It's about rage, much of it. Rage at being broke, at being out of the loop, at being ignored. You have to be angry. There are exceptions- the Buzzcocks and the Ramones come to mind- but just about all of it is a form of what's referred to, in kids under 10, as 'acting out'.
It's about cheap. You aren't doing it for the money, you're doing it for the fun of doing it.
It's about coming home from a shitty day at uni and finding out that you're going to have to drop out 'cos your UB40 got thrown back.
Punk Rock is, musically, supposed to be the equivalent of the Michael Douglas movie 'Falling Down'. It's about that moment where you finally just fucking LOSE your shit at the system.
It's about rebellion.
It's about kicking against the pricks.
Much as I hate to say it, Social Distortion leans heavily on the proper tradition of Punk. At least, they sound right. They have guitars.
God, I should hold you sorry asses down while Jello Biafra and Dave Venian take turns pissing on you before kicking you off the stage.
  • http://www.theonion.com/onion3919/90s_punk.html
    • I can't believe I missed that one!

      "They can talk all they want about how much punk means to them, but the simple fact is, they weren't there," Tolbert said. "These kids today have no sense of history. They don't know about Pennywise. They barely know about Epitaph Records. Most of them don't even know about Green Day's legendary appearance in '94 at the L.A. Coliseum. It was a watershed, one-of-a-kind moment in the history of youth rebellion, and if you didn't live through it, as I did, you'll never get it, no matter how punk you pretend to be."

      I'm laughing hysterically at work, getting some very odd looks from my workmates.
      • Re: I can't believe I missed that one!

        I loved that article when I read it it. So (this may be bad to ask but) have you heard the Shelley/Devoto album that came out this year?

  • Something about Avril L. set you off?

    Don't rant too hard, it just makes us look old.
    • Wasn't just Ms. L, no...

      Someone was bemoaning that they missed 'proper punk'.

      They included the Smiths and Depeche Mode in their complaint. To his credit, I misunderstood him: he was saying he missed new wave too.

      And I am old. There's nothing wrong with that.
      • Re: Wasn't just Ms. L, no...

        I bemoan the loss of 'proper' punk. And I bemoan the loss of Depeche Mode when it had Alan Wilder in it. But they're two different things, yeah :)

        However, the Smiths...and punk?

        Makes me want to put on the Meatmen cover of How Soon Is Now?

        "I am hyoooman and I need to be FUCKED! Like everbody else doooooesssss...."
  • It may make us old...

    ...but it doesn't make us wrong.

    Punk lyric:
    "Anarchyburger -- hold the government! Anarchyburger -- hold the government! You think this country's really free? Try going to the grocery, and pissing on the cheese! Anarchyburger -- hold the government! Anarchyburger -- hold the government!"

    Not punk lyric:
    "He was a sk8r boi. She said see you l8r boi."

    Also hating cowboys was, for some reason, deeply punk.

  • Fuck yeah.

    Punk is not about being ignorant of history or politics, which most of these goddamnmutherfuckinposerkinders are.

    I had a lovely daydream the other day about kidnapping Lavigne, forcibly 'converting' her to punk (I'm thinking a razor, a couple of jail tattoos on the face, forcible consumption of various substances including glue inhalation, beatings, stripping, spray-painting her, etc.), tying her to the hood of an old black Chevy, then driving down to Lucky 13 and telling the bar that we've got her tied to the hood of the car outside, and go to down, boys.

    If she ever comes to town, remind me to go wherever she's playing and insult and threaten bodily harm to her fans until I spark a riot. That's fucking punk.
  • I thought Depeche Mode was typically misclassified as 'goth.' The idea that they're punk is a new one on me...

    I think Jello's pissing days are over. Maybe when your friend is tied down, Jello can spend a couple of hours explaining to him how the Bush family and the bin Laden family are in bed together.
  • And, as a punk, you don't get 10 different types of orange juice and water -- stored at a range of different temperatures.

    Cases of wiskey, maybe, but not OJ and water. :)
  • I still maintain that anyone or -thing that has to say it's punk isn't. Meh.

    April Lasagne is =pop=. Top 40, no less.

    Also, New Wave music kicks ass, entirely apart from not being punk.
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