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The vagaries of copyeditors who cannot read.

Update: Just described what I'm doing to a coworker. 'I'm now trying to integrate her comments into the extant document, and finding that her comments and the extant document seem to have not yet been properly introduced.'

Why the fuck is it too much to expect that someone whose job description is 'Instructional Designer' might know anything about designing, you know, instructions?

I swear to god, this woman may be the stupidest waste of skin I've dealt with in months.
Example of how stupid this bitch is follows. All of the bold is pretty much cut-and-paste.
The stuff in caps is what I put together; stuff in lowercase is her clever comments.

wouldn't it make more sense to have the image that is being describe here be closer to the image?

--how the fuck much closer could I get here? I don't want to type OVER the image.

There's another comment in here that 'it'd be nice to have a screenshot of this!'-- immediately above "PLACEHOLDER: INTERFACE NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR SCREENSHOTS" which someone put in there because, NO WAIT, DON'T SAY IT, the interface isn't available for screenshots!

And the galling part is that this illiterate is apparently some sort of actual copy-editing guru of some sort... yet can't even be bothered to read a whole paragraph, let alone the page that paragraph is on. Let alone be arsed to spell the word 'complete' properly. Let alone be arsed to look at what she's supposedly copyediting to see if there are grammatical errors.
There are at least 5 comments in this 100 page document that I'm working on that are completely, incoherently STUPID. I don't even know what she's asking, she's asking it so fucking stupid.

Grr. just_the_ash? I feel your pain, today. Okay, that's off my chest.

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