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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Thoughts on David Bowie, Relative Sobriety, and being a twig.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Thoughts on David Bowie, Relative Sobriety, and being a twig.

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mucha mosaic

A few weeks back, BBC America ran a documentary from 1975 called 'Cracked Actor'. My nice little TiVo unit grabbed it for me. (Yes, glamtasm, I didn't delete it, and could slap it on a VHS for you if you wish).

I hadn't seen this thing in 10 years. I had never seen it sober. The several times I saw it, I was generally high out of my mind on cocaine, and on a 2-3 day bender.

Good fucking GOD David was skinny. I'm honestly fucking stunned he made it through the 70's. I really am. Sort of 'not for lack of TRYING', really. Good christ. Man sniffed more on-camera in 47 minutes of film than I sniffed all day. He weighed about 120 pounds, tops.
Good fucking GOD he was high as a kite. The gibber quotient was amazing. What's the gibber quotient? Do a lot of some stimulant. A LOT of that stimulant. Then do more. Then do MORE. Do enough that the whole world sounds like it's going 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' in the back of your ears. Then do MORE speed/caffeine/cocaine/crank/meth/whatever. Then talk to someone about anything that you've ever seemed enthused about. That's the gibber quotient.
It's not a very good movie. But I can finally understand where a bunch of really weird body image crap that plagued me through my teens came from... and why I honestly never even noticed that a 28" waist on a 6'2" human being is madly unhealthy.
And some of the little clips of sound out of the nineteen-eighty-floor show were just... delightful.
  • I don't THINK that's true...

    Not the way he tells it. There are large portions of the year that it was recorded which he says he doesn't remember. But he doesn't seem to actually claim not to remember making it that I've ever heard. If there was an album the man might not remember making, though, that would be the album.
    Favorite Bowie-and-memory anecdote follows:

    it's the late 70's or early 80's. A friend of Bowie's who works at some TV station or other comes over. "David, you've /got/ to see this new thing! it's incredible! it's called a Betamax!' So the thing gets set up in the livingroom- and said friend pops in a cassette of Bowie receiving some British music award or other.
    The Man watches the videotape VERY closely. Fascinatedly. At the end of the thing, he turns to his friend and says "I have no recollection of receiving that award." Pause. "I don't have it around anywhere that I can think of." Pause. "I still have the suit, though." Pause. "Ah well." Smile.
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