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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

How Compatible Are Lemmings?

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

How Compatible Are Lemmings?

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mucha mosaic

4thwall 110%
nihilistic_kid 106%
evilhat 102%
lilmissnever 95%
gblake 95%
carneggy 95%
scanner_darkly 95%
loveandprozak 95%
rubylou 91%
bryant 91%
dangerine 89%
shadowfey 89%
camwyn 87%
bayushi 87%
lyricagent 86%
caffeina 86%
le_merle 85%
kent_s 84%
theninjakitten 83%
lemasquegris 83%
cygnoir 80%
hepkitten 80%
aquaindigo 80%
thren 79%
usmcbbrady 78%
netdancer 77%
alemya 77%
rani23 75%
feyandstrange 75%
sylphon 74%
elthar 74%
wurmfood 72%
rollick 70%
intersubjective 69%
smeehrrr 65%
chiabrit 58%
fin9901 58%
shared_boxers 54%
srallen 50%
How compatible with me are YOU?

Fucking leaky-ass bullshit. It may have some formatting wonkinesses- I rather hack-and-slash edited out at least 2 repetitions of everyone's goddamned name.

And my #1 and #2 compatibility matches are straight boys, #3 is an engaged woman-- and my best friend and roommate didn't make it into the top twenty. I'm smellin' some bovine excrement here.
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  • I always knew you didn't like me that much... but at least it's more than chiabrit down there. :)

    Freaking brit deserves to be at the bottom of the pile though..

    wait, he might enjoy that..
  • I'm number 12! I'm number 12! Wow. You -really- liked my new LJ icon, didn't you. ;b
    • you make me giggle.
      • Well, isn't that the point? *grin*

        The idea of 'rating' ones friends - especially LJ acquaintances - shouldn't exactly be overvalued. A girl in Germany who I've exchanged maybe ten posts with and have known for less than a month, who's still in high school, scored highest for compatibility with me.

        Somehow... I don't see it. Nothing against her, I'm sure she's lovely, but.
        • Attitudes like that stand in the way of science, you know. The questions on that quiz were chosen carefully by a group of professionals before compatabilities were meticulously observed and tested between types. I think rather than criticizing this information, you should be using it to guide yourself into new friendships, and to cut off the existing ones that obviously are putting a strain on your subconscious.

          I mean, really now, it's pretty apparent that they used the Keirsey Temperment Sorter one of the OLDEST and TRUSTED evaluation tools around as their base, so how can you go wrong? Just because it cuts the test into a fourth... and evaluates Judging in terms of the vastly outdated first edition definition... and argues for certain compatability... and defines compatability as similar answers when virtually all Keirsey material says that exact types AREN'T easy matches... and doesn't distinguish compatability as worker, lover, and friend... and uses a controversial typing system... and well, tries to graph something as complicated as human interaction... Uh... it's accurate! Really!

          Obey! Obey! Obey! Obey! HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHA!
          Obey! Obey! Obey!
          Obey! Obey!

  • What makes you think I'm straight, fag?
    • Okay, I sit corrected. Forgive me for buying into heteronormative fetishization.
  • See my commentary, o mutually cynical one. ;)
  • Whoops...

    I apologize for being a) #1 and b) a straightboy.

    But I'm flattered that you don't just heart me, you heart me 110%! Whee...

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