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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Brought to me by corvines

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Brought to me by corvines

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I have found my dream job.
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    • I was mostly thinking that tending to them would be the fun part. ;)
      • Still, I agree with Hatty-- much funnier if you want to be the bird.

        Beeee the biiiiiiird.
        • Let's see...

          ...I get to be a human being, in London, paid to take care of my favorite sort of bird.

          • Re: Let's see...

            That would be the Raven Master, who also gets one of the cool black uniforms (dodgy picture here.

            I'm not sure about the hat, but yes, I do think it is your dream job. Feed and care for ravens, lecture tourists on bits of obscure Tower data and how smart the birdies are, and wear black and red. Oh, and participate in pomp and pageantry and spooky rituals about keys! All it really needs to be absolutely perfect is if it paid in books.

            For hungry corvidae, the article I just linked mentions that they also get the occasional whole rabbit. Mmmm. And that they have a taste for leftover cafeteria fried bread.
  • That is so cool!

    And then, weirdly, ravens were in my dreams last night, only I made them eat squirrel and not rabbit so as not to subconsciously offend/make a big messy message for a friend who works with Rabbit.

    -- Lorrie
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