I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Buffy quiz

1. Name your favorite character ever. Yes. You can only pick one.

Hmmmmn... Willow, I think: I identify a lot with the intellectualism + the fumbly social skills.

2. Give one line you love:

"I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it." --Spike

3. Favorite three episodes.

I don't know ep names, mostly. Hush (the silent episode) is one that I do know, and love. Season cliffhanger where Buffy kills Angel. And I think my favorite actually is the one where we follow Xander around through a plotline completely unrelated to what anyone BUT Xander is doing: He screws Faith, he meets the dead boys who have risen from the grave, driving around in the green convertible he bought from his uncle (I think?). Just- really enjoyable to see what Xander's world was like without focusing on Buffy.

4. Favorite villain

The Master, I think. I honestly liked the show a bit better when it was about- you know- VAMPIRES.

5. Favorite song used in a scene

Full of Grace, season ender ep as Buffy's leaving town in season... 4?

6. Favorite season

One of the first three: The villains were a lot more strongly drawn- and the dialogue was a lot funnier. I got tired of Glorificus about 1/2way through season 5, by contrast: Season 6 had no real villain, and season 7 had nothing.
No, I mean that. Nothing at all.

7. Scariest episode

Buffy doesn't scare me. There are moments where it has truly horrified me or shocked me, but it doesn't /scare/ me.

8. Best kiss/sex scene/romantic whatever... it can be tame or not:

Tara/Willow: these two seemed /real/ to me.

9. Favorite relationship (of any kind):

The wrinkly demon (Clem: thanks, lj user="ahkond">!) and the Scooby Gang: I enjoyed the fact that there was one REALLY UGLY demon that they actually got along with just fine.

10. Set/location you'll miss the most:

Giles' apartment (but I've been missing that for 3 seasons now). I really REALLY like his apartment.

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