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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
so a package was trying to come to my home address via UPS. I rerouted it to work, it got here today.

A friend of mine on a message board was complaining that he didn't know what to do with a bunch of books he no longer needed. I mentioned I'd be glad to give one a good home.

I now own a paperback of 'The Stress Of Her Regard', by Tim Powers.

I am a lucky lucky beast.
  • And I'm ALSO a dork

    Your comment loaded twice, redshrike; I deleted it once and I suspect you did as well.

    Posted below:

    i'd like to read that.

    even if, y'know, i only get to read it in sessions under your watchful eye, so you know it doesn't, like, go anywhere.

    oh, yes, i have manners:

    please. at your convenience. and stuff.

    colubra looks at his watch to check time between posting and shrike response)

    See, I KNEW I'd get a response outta you. You may, by all means, read it. it's not in the greatest of shape, so I don't really mind if it gets a little more beat up. It's a reading copy at best anyways.
    But it's a reading copy!

    • Re: And I'm ALSO a dork

      which means, after all these years, i get to READ it!!

      oh, btw: i am currently, and for the first time, reading our lady of darkness*, which i described to toad as being "sort of like a cross between reading earthquake weather and reading foucault's pendulum, but shorter." also, i cannot help but cast peter weller in the role of franz westen, when seeing the characters in my mind...

      what brings this to mind, in part, is that when i saw this book on a friend's shelf, i decided the "ghost"** of an ex who had talked about it quite a bit had faded enough to allow me to read the book at last...and can you guess which tim powers novel was his favorite, and the one he referred to most often when we discussed powers? yeah.

      *the copy belongs to either cheekytubemouse or her wife, in another coicidence.
      **not dead, just out of my life. no, you never met him. in three months, nobody did, except toad--once. hatter almost did. more like "ghost" in..the tim powers sense.

      okay, i'll stop this clutter.
      • Re: And I'm ALSO a dork

        'Our Lady Of Darkness' requires a few post-read fieldtrips, when you live where we do. Just as a heads-up.
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