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So at the show I went to last night, I'm pretty sure that 1 of the 2 people I spotted who were older than me was the father of someone in the band who'd tagged along on the tour.

God love ya, Mr. British Sea Power father: and should this post come to your attention, please let your son or daughter know I thought they put on a KICK ASS show on April 5 in San Francisco.

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For those following along at home: someone was repeatedly shrieking at the top of his lungs, not 30' from my building, last I went out to smoke.

I'm pretty sure there's a complaint procedure with the board of supervisors.
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Writer's Block: Free your mind

Do you believe society will ever truly overcome racism?

I do. However, I think the answer to making this happen is roughly my approach to encouraging it: simply not voicing the racist bullshit that you grew up with, and letting it die with you. I may occasionally think racist bullshit- but I'd really love for it to not live longer than me, which is why I try to avoid saying it.

Here's where the tone argument comes in, I'm quite sure.

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How frustrating; I came up with a good 'share YOUR LJ experience' question just now, but it's stupid-o'clock in the AM my time. I'm mostly posting this so I remember that I'd come up with a good topic for discourse later today, when I'm going 'CHRIPES, I wish I could get folks jabbering on my LJ'.
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It's merely half-eight, but I feel the urge to acquire more inebriants. Should I march over to the local, or go to the corner store a block away?
Gar Marriage???

I'll put him on the wedding list...

OK, so, just came up with an idea for the Writer's Block questions that seemed it might actually be a good one- since mostly they make me grimace at bad grammar or moronic phrasing.

You are planning your wedding reception. Pick 15 songs you'd want to have played at it...

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...and then pick 5 you'd let your other half veto.
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